About Us

Cold Roll Steel Machine & Manufacturing continues to invest in the future by maintaining the latest technology in computer-aided-manufacturing systems. This allows our staff to program simple to complex machine components from engineering data, to download instructions directly to our CNC Turning and Machining centers and give our customers greater service and quality. We have customers that simply have an idea in their heads and we can help them create the entire project in a short amount of time while other customers may have large projects with tight deadlines to meet. Service is important to us because nobody wants miscommunication and errors in manufacturing components for any industry.

Cold Roll Steel Machine & Manufacturing is a 18,000 square foot air conditioned facility located in Virginia. Though still small in comparison to others, Cold Roll Steel Machine & Manufacturing was built on quality and delivery. These values are constant and are a foundation which supports relationships with many industry leaders.

A talented workforce coupled with advances in manufacturing technologies has enabled us to stay progressive and competitive in both part duplication and production environments. Every team member plays an important role in creating your parts; we take pride in the fact that we made our mark all over the world, in a variety of industries. Cold Roll Steel parts can be found in packaging, bedding, medical and canning plants in many countries around the globe.

Small Woman and Minority (SWaM) Certified


Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our customers based on providing exceptional custom machine parts. We will provide superior services, quality manufactured parts and products, and assemblies to meet or to exceed our customer’s expectations combined with fair pricing. Our mission is to allow our customers to keep and maintain an edge on their competitors in a global marketplace by providing outstanding customer service.

We are driven by your needs. Each employee has a responsibility to focus on your requirements and do what is necessary to meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Commitment to Integrity and High Ethical Standards - We maintain a high standard of conduct at all levels in operating our business.

  • People - We seek to maintain a safe, healthy and harassment-free environment where each person has the opportunity to continuously develop skills, and apply new knowledge.

  • Community - We intend to provide a desirable place of employment that is recognized as a reliable and valuable economic asset in the community.

  • Dedication to Continuous Improvement - We strive to persistently raise the bar on our operations, quality assurance, and workplace organization.

  • Results - These values applied to Our Mission result in the Value, Quality, and Turnaround you need. You will save time, money, and effort by partnering with Cold Roll Steel & Machine & Manufacturing.