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  • CNC Horizontal and Vertical Mills with 4th and 5th axis capability and automatic tool changers, table sizes up to 22” x 49”.

  • CNC Turning centers with up to 20” swing, programmable tailstocks can accommodate lengths up to 48”.

  • Manual milling centers perform any number of combinations of shapes for machine parts, including drilling, tapping, boring, slotting, reaming, key cutting, indexing and contouring. 9” x 50” part capacity.

  • Manual lathes capabilities up to 15” in diameter and 120” long. Precision surface and cylindrical grinding available on site, as well as honing.

  • In partnership with our outside vendors we offer a host of coating or plating options that can be applied to your finished product to improve appearance, durability, and corrosion resistance. Options include various forms of plating, anodizing, and oxidizing. Heat treating to increase or decrease hardness is also available.

  • Our quality control department subjects all parts to a variety of inspections from start to finish, including first article and in process inspections.

  • Dedicated inspection tooling including a digital optical comparator, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), hardness testing, and a variety of gages and measurement devices.

  • Utilizing MasterCam, Solidworks and AutoCad, we can import most major CAD and solid model formats.